Vadim Stepanov publications list


Internet Usage in Professiaonal Information Activity.-M.:Izdatelstvo FAIR, 2009.- 304 p.-ISBN 978-5-8183-1401-3.- Visited 20.12.2009. Internet Usage in Professiaonal Information Activity: Iteractive textbook: [Electronic resource].-M.,2003.- Visited 20.12.2009.

Practical Classes: Internet for Librarians.-M.:Libereia, 1998.-64 p.:ill.-(Be an expert in computer; Vol.2)

Materials for Index of the Russian Orthodox Literature 1801-1992/All-Russian library for foreign literature; Synod library of the Moscow Patriarchy.-M.:Rudomino, 1994.-63 p.

Index of Materials about Moscow Churches, that Have Been Published at the Journal “Moscow Eparchy Gazette - Moscow Church Gazette (1869-1918)”/ Compiled by N.V.Vlasova, S.P.Prokhorova, V.K.Stepanov; Bibliographical edition by V.K.Stepanov.-M.,1993.-213 p. (in the co-authorship)


Chronicle of Computer Nets Birth // Biblioteka.-2003.-N7.-P.57-61.

Methods of promotion of library web site // Nauchno-tekhnicheskie biblioteki (Scientific-Technical Libraries).-2003.-N8.-P.63-73.(in the co-authorship with I.Krupeneva)

About the Age of the Net Intelligence // Mir Bibliographii (World of Bibliography).-2001.-N3.-P.82-84.

Commercial fulltext databases and their usage // Biblioteka.-2001.-N4.-P.45-47.

Encyclopaedia Britannica: From Paper to Digits // Mir Internet (Internet World).-2001.-N4.-P.48-49.

Review on Don Tapscott's The Digital Economy: Promises and Perils in the Age of Networked Intelligence // Informatsionnoe Obschestvo (Information Society).-2001.-Vol.2.-P.67-70

Information as a Resource for the World Wide Community// Mir Bibliographii (World of Bibliography).-2000.-N6.-P.76.

Internet Applications In Library’s Interior // Be An Expert in Computer.-m.:Libereia, 2000.- Vol.3.-P.86-91

Professional’s Advice // Mir Bibliographii (World of Bibliography).-2000.-N3.-P.2

Remote... Learning // Biblioteka.-2000.-N5.-P.44-46.

Internet: Navigating and Information Retrieval. Part 2 // Mir Bibliographii (World of Bibliography).-2000.-N1.-P.6-13

Pushkin’s Heritage on the Internet // Bibliatechny svet (Library World).- Minsk (Belorussia).-2000.-N1.-P.4

Internet: Navigating and Information Retrieval. Part 1 // Mir Bibliographii (World of Bibliography).-1999.-N6.-P.6-10

Distance Learning at the Internet // Mir Bibliographii (World of Bibliography).-1999.-N5.-P.92

Public Relations [in libraries] // Biblioteka.-1998.-N10.-P.71-73. (in the co-authorship)

Bibliographical Databases [Class N8] // Biblioteka.-1998.-N10.-P.52-53.

Will the Be Enough Traditional Technology in Our Century // Biblioteka.-1998.-N7.-P.25-27

Bibliographical Resources and Catalogues. [Class N7] // Biblioteka.-1998.-N6.-P.61-62

Use of the Internet in the Reference Work in Local Libraries // Library and bibliography activity: Interuniversity anthology of research papers / TSU.-Tambov, 1998.-Vol.1.-P.14-17.

“Aport”, “Russian Search Machine” and Others. [Class N6] // Biblioteka.-1998.-N4.-P.58-59

The Wealth of Virtual Libraries // ComputerWeekly.-1998.-N2.-Ñ.18-19, 45.

Seek and You Will Find. [Class N5] // Biblioteka.-1998.-N1.-P.53-54

Internet Bibliographical Retrieval // Bibliography.-1998.-N1.-P.5-10.

Russian Search: Fighting for the Leadership Becomes Sharper // ComputerWeek-Moscow.-1997.-N.38.-C.C.1;17-18.

World Wide Web and Browsers. [Class N4] // Biblioteka.-1997.-N12.-P.41-42

Internet Applications. What Should We Do With It? Class N3 // Biblioteka.-1997.-N8.-P.52-53

Search Into the Russian Web // Home computer.-N6.-1997.-P.17-19

How to Get Connection to the Network of Networks? Class N2 // Biblioteka.-1997.-N6.-P.59-60

Information Retrieval [in the Internet]// Biblioteka.-1997.-N5.-P.53-56 (in the co-authorship)

InfoSeek as a Mirror of the Internet Search Engines Evolution // ÑomputerWeek-Moscow.-1997.-N.16.-Pp.15;50.

Internet: Information Retrieval // ÑompUnity.-1997.-N.4.-P.72-78.

Discovering of the Information Cyberspace. Internet: What is this [Class N1]// Biblioteka.-1997.-N3.-P.54-55.

Russian-Language Search Engines in the Internet // ComputerWorld Russia.-1997.-N11.-P.37-40.

Russian-Language Search Engines on the Internet // Internet Planet.-1997.-N2.-P.14-18.

Global Networks and Local History Collections in Libraries // Kuban': Culture issues and informatization.-1996.-N4.-P.9-10

Searching for the Russian Materials on the Internet // Computerra.-1996.-N50.-P.50-51

Bibliographical Disciplines into the American Library and Information Science Education Structure // Bibliographia.-1996.-N6.-P.140-145

Virtual Reference Tool in Russian Libraries // Scientific-Technical Libraries.-1996.-N11.-P15-19

Computing Perspectives for Rural Libraries // Rural library into the new socio economic conditions. Part 1.-M.:Libereia,1996.-P.54-59

Virtual Library: First Acquaintance // Biblioteka.-1996.-N8.-P.58-61

Virtual Reference Tool: Problems of Implantation and Use in Libraries // Bibliographia.-1996.-N4.-P.5-8

Information Age: Tomorrow? Today? Right Now! // Biblioteka.-1996.-N7.-P.44-46

No University Degree - No Professional Career: Specialist Training // Biblioteka.- 1995.- N9.- P.66-68.

From Book to Family Album: Local History Collection in the USA // Biblioteka.-1993.-N8.-P.24-26 (in the co-authorship).

Organization and Methodological Leadership Problems of the Local History Collection in the Russian Federation // Methodological and historic aspects of the local history collection: Interuniversity anthology/MSIC.-M.,1993.-P.24-32.

What to Buy: "Electronika" or "Iskra"? (What Kinds of Computers Needs Library)//Biblioteka.-1993.-N1.-P.59-61 (in the co-authorship).

/Point of View/ //Bibliotekar'.-1990.-N3.-P.40.

Uralians Advanced Production Methods /Advanced Production Methods for Ural Agriculture: Current Bibliographic. index.-Izhevsk.-Publ. from 1987/ //Ural'skie nivy.-1988.-N10.-P.10.

/Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka and Smolensk Region: Bibliographic Index.- Smolensk.,1984.- 100 p./: Bibliographical index review //Sovetskaia bibliographia.-1986.-N1.-P.88.


Library and It Competitors into the New System of Information Communications // Human into the Information Space of Civilization: Culture, Religion, Education: International Academic Conference. Krasnodar - Novorossyisk on 19 - 21 September 2000: Thesis of Reports.-Krasnodar, 2000.-P.109-110

Internet Search Engines Localization // Proceedings of the Conference of Association of Academic and Education institutes - users of the RELARN data transmission Networks, June 29 - July 4 2000, Samara.-Samara, 2000.- P.113-114.

Real and Virtual Libraries in the Age of Digital Communications // Libraries and Associations into Transforming world: New technologies and new forms of cooperation: Materials of the 7th International Conference “Crimea’2000” [Sudak, Ukraine. June 3-11 2000]: Conference Reports.-Vol.1.-Sudak, 2000.-P.48-50.

Information Society and Libraries // Librarianship-2000: Problems of Creating of the Open Information Society: Thesis of reports of the 5th International Conference.-Moscow, April 25-26, 2000.-M.,2000.-Vol.2.-P.31-32.

Appliance of the Internet in Serving of Patrons in Libraries // Library in the context of History: Reports of the Third Research Conference. Moscow, October 13-15, 1999.-M.,1999.-Part 1.-P.75-77.

Internet Retrieval Systems and Resource Directories of Regional Level // Region information environment as a term of creation of personal information culture: Thesis of reports of the International conference September 27-30 1999.-Samara, 1999.- P.55-57.

Distance Learning on the Internet: Opportunities and Challenges // Conference of Association of Academic and Education institutes - users of the RELARN data transmission Networks, July 1-6 1999.-Samara, Saratov, 1999.- P.97-99.

Information Retrieval into the Internet Multilingual Environment // Digital Libraries.-1999.-Vol.2.-No 4.

Russian Library Sites on the Internet // Libraries and Associations into Transforming world: New technologies and new forms of cooperation: Materials of the 6th International Conference “Crimea’99” on June 5-13 1999.-Vol.1.-Sudak, 1999.-P.247-249.

Distance Learning Experience at the First Open Web Workshop // Third International student Congress "XXI century: Education - Management - Youth": Thesis of reports.-M.,1999.-Vol. 2.- P.71-72.

Contemporary Situation and Evolution of Bibliographic Databases on the Internet // Library Science and issues of society informatization: Thesis of reports of the International conference. Moscow, April 27-28, 1999.-M., 1999.-Vol.1.-P.180-181.

Resourses of Russian Libraries at the Internet // Internet. Society. Person. (ISP-99): International conference. Sankt-Peterburg, February 1-5 1999: Thezis of Reports.-SPb.,1999.-P.115-116.

Distance Learning Project at the First Open Web-Workshop // Internet. Society. Person. (ISP-99): International conference. Sankt-Peterburg, February 1-5 1999: Thezis of Reports.-SPb., 1999.-P.248-249.

Regional Internet Resourses Directories // Regional aspects of the information and anthropology activity: International conference. Krasnodar - Novorossyisk on 16 - 19 September 1998: Reports.-Krasnodar, 1997.-P.109-110

Forms and Methods of the Internet Training for Beginners // Conference of Association of Scientific and Education institutes - users of the RELARN data transmission Nets, December, 16-17 1998, Nizhniy Novgorod: Reports.-Nizhniy Novgorod,1998.-P.60-62.

Virtual Sources in Libraries. Libraries into the Virtual Space. // Library in the context of History: Reports of the second research conference. Moscow, October 21-23, 1997.-M.,1997.-P.38-39.

Virtual Sources in Libraries: New Opportunities and New Challenges // Information Society: Cultural aspects and issues: International conference. Krasnodar - Novorossyisk on 17 - 19 September 1997: Reports.-Krasnodar, 1997.-P.372-375

Internet Search Engines: Evolution and Prospects // Libraries and Associations into Transforming world: New technologies and new forms of cooperation: Materials of the 4th International Conference “Crimea'97” on June 7-15 1997.-V.2.-Sudak, 1997.-P.497-499

Libraries as Guarantors of Access to Internet Resources // Library Science and Democracy: Thesis of reports of the conference.-Moscow, April 8-10 1997.-Part 1.-Moscow, 1997.-P.43-45

Search Engines on the Internet: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow // New Book Economy: proceedings of the 5-th international BOBCATSSS symposium. Budapest, January 1997.-Budapest, 1997.-P.134-137.

Internet Search Engines: Genesis and Outlooks // RELARN'96: Conference of Association of Scientific and Education institutes - users of the RELARN data transmission Nets, December, 17-18 1996, Moscow: Reports.-M.,1996.-P.11-13.

Library as an Internet Training Center // RELARN'96: Conference of Association of Scientific and Education institutes - users of the RELARN data transmission Nets, December, 17-18 1996, Moscow: Reports.-M.,1996.-P.14-15. (in the co-authorship)

Virtual Library: Approaches to Work into the New Conditions // Information Culture of a Person: Past, Present, Future: International scientific conference. Krasnodar - Novorossyisk on 11 - 14 September 1996: Reports.-Krasnodar, 1995.-P.166-168

Document Indexing into the Terms of Computerization // Information Culture of a Person: Past, Present, Future: International scientific conference. Krasnodar - Novorossyisk on 11 - 14 September 1996: Reports.-Krasnodar, 1995.-P.187-189 (in the co-authorship)

Operation with Internet as Continuance of a Library Profession // Libraries and Associations in the Transforming world: the new technologies and new forms of co-operation: Third International conference "Krym 96" [on June 1-9, 1996]: Materials.-Vol.2.-[No place], [1996].-P.280-281.

Global Networks Exploring into the Librarian’s Training System // The world of Culture: human, science, art: Reports of the international conference of young scholars, post- and graduate students May 21-24, 1996 /SSUC.- Samara, 1996.-P.470-472.

Experience of Teaching of the Global Networking Technologies at the Library and Information Science Faculty of the Moscow State University of Culture // Eighth scientific conference for bibliology problems "Book and publishing at the millenniums boundary": Reports.-M.,1996.-P. 312-313.

Library Science and Information Science Education: Together or Separately? // Culture, education and contemporary society: case studies, issues, search: Materials of the multi regional theoretical conference, March 21-22 1996, Orel State Institute of Art and Culture.-Orel,1996.-P.95-96

Libraries and Global Networks: Adaptation Issues // State policy in the field of Library Science and realization of the Russian Federation laws on Library Science and Required copy of the documents : All-Russian scientific and practical conference in Omsk, April 23-26, 1996: Reports.-Sankt-Petersburg, 1997.-P.73-74

Artificial Intelligence and Opportunities of Its Implementation in Libraries // Intelligence and Culture: history, nowadays, outlooks: Materials of interuniversity science conference February 14-15, 1996.-Kazan’,1996.-P.110-111.

Bibliography Data Communication Formats in Russian Libraries: Case Studies and Perspectives // Culture of Russia at the boundary of centuries: Reports of the International scientific and practice conference/ MSUC.-M., 1996.-Vol.2.-P.63-65.

Student's Computer Training at Library and Information Science Faculties // Informatization and Humanitarian education problems: International scientific conference, Krasnodar - Novorossiysk on 14-15 September 1995: Reports.-Krasnodar, 1995.-P.268-270.

Local Area Net Technologies in Libraries // Traditions: Culture, Education: Materials of the scientific conference on 22- 23 March 1995. Tumen’: Reports.-Tumen’, 1995.-Vol.1.-P.181-191

Electronic Sources in Libraries // Human and mental values: Reports of the Republic Conference of young scholars / MSUC.-M.,1995.-Part.2.-P.54-55.

Computing of Libraries and Librarian's Thinking Flexibility // Culture and higher school: problems and perspectives: Methodical recommendations and materials of the interregional scientific - practical conference. Orel, on March 23-25 1995 / Orel state institute of Culture.-Orel, 1995.-P.134-136.

Libraries in the New Information Environment // Person into the Art world: information aspects: Conference reports. Part 2.-Krasnodar,1994.-P.269-271.

Perspective of Creation of Electronic Catalogs in Libraries // New ways of sciences about culture: the Thesis sientific-practical conference of the young scientists. Moscow, on February 15-16 1994.-Ì., 1994.-P.136-137.

Libraries' Activity in Conditions of Global Networks Development // University Nets of Knowledge: All-Russian conference, Moscow on 25-26 November 1993: Reports.-M.,1994.- P.50-51 (in the co-authorship).

Organization and Matter of the Course "Computing of the Bibliographical Processes"//Information culture of the specialist: humanitarian problems: Conference reports.-Krasnodar,1993.-P.218-220.

Automated Learning Systems into the Teaching of Library Disciplines: Case Studies and Perspectives // Library: innovation approaches and staff training: Reports of the Scientific-practical conference on 28 June - 3 July 1993 / East-Siberian Institute of Culture.- Ulan-Ude, 1993.-P.62-64 (in the co-authorship).

Local History Collection Computing Perspectives // Seventh scientific conference for bibliology problems. Bibliography Division: Reports.-M.,1992.-P.58-59.

Case Studies and Organizational Problems of the Local History Collections in Regional Universal Academic Libraries of the Russian Federation // Local history collection in libraries for patriotic and international work: Conference reports/SHL of the UkrSSR.-Kiev,1990.-P.99-103.

Local History Reference-Bibliographic Tool in Public Libraries: Case Studies and Organization problems (Russian Federation)/MSIC.M.,1989.-15 p..-Deposit report.

Organization of the Local History Collection in the Russian Federation: Case Studies and Perspectives/MSIC.-M.,1989.-59 p.-Deposit report.

Correlation of Regional and Local History Bibliography// First All-Union scientific conference for young specialists of the State Committee for Publishing Affair of the USSR.: Reports. M.1988.-P.46-47.

Specific Classification of Local History Publications // Sixth All-Union conference for bibliology problems: Reports.M.,1988.-P.45-46 (in the co-authorship).

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